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Mg12 Newsletter October 14 -
October 20

"Tis the Chill Out"
 This year's Presidential Election cycle is coming up and American citizens will be asked to cast a vote for the next leader of the free world. Whether left or right, red or blue, or donkey or elephant, there seems to be one thing that bonds both sides together at this pivotal point in time: anxiety and tension. As in all forms of competition, there will be a winner and a loser, with both sides seeming squeamish at the idea of their candidate of choice not making it to the White House. I would like to take this time to take a deep, calming breath and remind everyone of how effective magnesium is with controlling anxiety! Studies have shown that where Lithium has failed (a commonly prescribed chemical element for treatment of depression), magnesium has successfully proven to be effective in combating anxiety. According to George and Karen Eby who runs a nutrition research facility out of Austin, TX, study patients suffering from anxiety not only felt relief from their chronic depression, but found other harmful byproducts of depression to be reduced as well, such as short-term memory loss and habitual drug use, including cigarette smoking. This will all benefit you during the next couple of weeks as the countdown to the most prestigious job causes you to chain-smoke into an anxious, morally conflicted mess: Don't stress! Magnesium's got you! 
Staker Chiro. Center attends to my NHL team of choice, the Carolina Hurricanes!
October Birthday Babies:
Michelle Denton, Austin Kempton, and John Marino
Mg12 Meatloaf Birthday Cake!
Read the new article on how magnesium can help prevent Pancreatic cancer!
This week we celebrated at the Mg12 offices all of the October birthdays, including VP of Sales, John Marino, Balm Maker Extraordinaire, Michelle Denton, and Newsletter Expert and Yours-Truly, Austin Kempton. These events are organized to create a comfortable work environment by bringing the company closer together via song and dance! Special thanks to John Marino for putting these events together and all the October baby's that make these events possible. Couldn't have done it without you!

For those of you keeping up with the newsletter and/or social media sites, Bella the Dog is making a big impact on our audience. Walk-ins and online customers alike seem to enjoy her interactivity within the company. If you don't know who Bella the Dog is and want to share the love, visit one of our social media sites linked at the bottom and "like" her pictures! The more positive feedback we get on this, the more likely I can convince the top brass to invest in an Mg12 shirt for Bella the Dog! Let's make her famous!

Blog writer, Jonathon Greene, writes on how magnesium can help in preventing Pancreatic cancer and will be available for reading later today. This form of cancer has a 71% mortality rate, a rate which has not greatly improved in the last 40 years, making it the leading cause of cancer death. Read up on the results magnesium has on this devastating disease on our website and social media pages. 

As always, we like to spend some time thanking those who have recently come to support and carry our Mg12 products:

- Good Food Store (Missoula, MT)

- Nutrition Depot (Duluth, GA) (Lawrenceville, GA)

- The Medicine Shoppe (Salisbury, NC)

- Staker Chiropractic Center (Cary, NC)

- Feel Better Yoga (Burlington, NC) 

- Hendersonville Racquet Club (Hendersonville, NC)

- Vitamins Plus (Lafayette, LA)

These new stores represent growth in our small company and we appreciate you making these opportunities available!

Do you think magnesium will help solve your post-election jitters? Is Meatloaf an acceptable form of birthday cake? Are the pictures of Bella the Dog your reason for getting up in the morning? We love hearing about it, so feel free to let me know via my new and fancy email address provided at the bottom! The more information you can provide about the things we are doing right here at Mg12, the more fabulous this newsletter and our company will be! Thank you, everyone, for the overwhelming support, and have a great weekend!

- Austin Kempton

Quote of the Week:

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!"

- Dr. Seuss



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