Mg12 Newsletter Oct. 21-27 (2016)

Mg12 Newsletter October 21 -
October 27

"Don't Give Up"

Every Monday we have the company Mg12 meeting where VP John Marino fills us in on the progress we are making, the future steps we will be taking, and a "thought of the day" to reflect on. This week's message focuses on how people can dig deep within themselves to find the motivation needed to succeed. This wasn't originally the topic I wanted to touch on this week until I read an article about a 12-year-old boy scout who survived in the South African mountains for 24 hours after being separated from his group. Attacked by baboons and rigging together makeshift clothing to survive the dropping temperature, the boy was able to keep his wits about him and follow a river to a farm where he was able to contact his family and be rescued. He admitted to being overcome with emotion at one point in his journey, thinking he might never be found, but the thought of his mother pushed him to keep going. The point is that humans are capable of achieving inhuman results when push comes to shove. Sometimes I realize how difficult life can be, and sometimes I have to look deep and remind myself of what and why I want to succeed because sometimes it's that thought that pushes you to keep moving and to not give up. So there's only one question you got to ask yourself: what is your motivation to succeed? (Click here to read the full boy scout article).
Bonding and smoothies!
Smoothie Day @ Mg12
Me with a smoothie mustache on Smoothie Day!
More smoothie bonding!
Mg12 is proud to announce that new products will be coming out soon! We've heard the responses of the community and have decided to add a new sport deodorant, sport bath salts, and balms in a new 8 oz. jar to better suit your needs. These products will be available in the near future so make sure to check our websites at regularly for future updates!

My coworkers and I are always finding new ways to create community bonding events within the office, and our recent advancement in these endeavors does not disappoint with the introduction of Wednesdays being the new Smoothie Day! Every week we will be trying a new, healthy, and possibly delicious culmination of smoothie greatness, documenting our expedition into the unknown with pictures and testimonies! This week we did a simple banana and strawberry smoothie that everyone seemed to enjoy. I give the end product an easy 5 out of 5 review! Enjoy the pictures!

Speaking of community bonding, we will also be hosting a Halloween get-together within the office! I enjoy my inner child making an appearance during this holiday, yet I haven't decided on a costume for the event. This is where you come in: shoot me an email with what you think I should be this year! Something scary? Maybe funny? Let me know!

Do you have a truly inspiring success story that you want to share with us? Want to suggest a new smoothie for us to try out? Do I have what it takes to beat out Bella the Dog in a costume contest this Halloween? These questions are of the utmost importance and I need your replies! Let me know at my email linked at the bottom how we are doing as a company because the more feedback we get the better quality you will receive! You can also visit our social media sites and to check on our latest updates and most recent testimonies and blog posts. Once again, thank you, everyone, for the support, and have a great weekend! 

- Austin Kempton

Quote of the Week:

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

- William James

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