Testimony on how Mg12 help Ease Leg Pain caused by Parkinson


Hi Tom,

I am so excited!  Yesterday I delivered the Magnesium oil and cream to my dear friend Ila, who has advancing Parkinsons.  She has been suffering from severe leg pain from the disease.  Yesterday she applied the oil in the AM then the cream at bedtime.  This morning she called me and was totally elated.  She reported that her leg pain was 80% gone.  And this is only the first day of use.  I can't wait to hear what comes next.  What a blessing!

Could you send me a couple more brochures and your cards?  Andrew is coming to Minneapolis in July and I plan on giving him your product and card with a letter of testimony when I see him.  That might be the best marketing tool I can offer.

I believe in healing.  I have both witnessed it and experienced it.  I also believe in walking in divine health, and to me, part of that means giving your body the nutrition that it needs.  God designed us with the greatest pharmaceutical factory of all in our bodies and we just need to supply the raw materials.  But that's a tall order in our society today. Your products are an amazing source of what is lacking out there.

The care package you sent me is wonderful.  Thank you so very much.  Mostly I thank the Lord for His divine appointment in meeting you.  You really made the Summit a doubly blessed experience for me.  I think being your shuttle service blessed me more than you.  Joy says 'hi'.  She is coming home for the 4th.

Your friend in Christ,




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