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Mg12 Helps Triathletes Recover Faster and Train Harder

As triathletes, we’re always looking for that competitive edge and marginal gains. That can come in the form of expense equipment or long hours training. Often overlooked is the recovery aspect of training, which is where to get your real athletic adaptation.

Mg12’s magnesium products are used by many top-performing triathletes to recover faster and train harder. Our magnesium oil, balm, and bath salts help prevent and relieve muscle soreness and cramps. But don’t just take it from us. Here’s top triathlete and trainer Brian Lowman’s story:

As the best triathletes compete in the Ironman World Championship, Brian Lowman's edge for performance, endurance and recovery is pure magnesium oil. 

( -- November 10, 2015) -- Elite triathlete and coach, Brian Lowman of Team Lowman / Endurance Coaching, has been experiencing his own "magnesium endurance miracle" under the extreme stress of international competition. This husband and father of two is a 5-times Ironman, including 2-times Kona qualifier and finisher.

Lowman's Ironman Competition Regimen

"I used the Dead Sea Bath Salts throughout training and every night 4 days leading up to the race. During training and during race week, I would apply MagneSport Oil on my legs and sometimes chest before rides and runs, as well as the balm on legs and arms. I soaked and have been soaking in the salts post-race for recovery and have been amazed at how well my legs have recovered."

Magnesium for Athletes

Topical magnesium treatments such as the ones used by Lowman are being used with outstanding results reported by athletes and trainers at all levels and all sports. Results include significant increases in lap performance and speed for swimmers and runners, and dramatically shortened injury recovery time for football players and baseball pitchers.

Measurable endurance levels have been increased with magnesium supplementation, muscle cramps reduced, and sore muscles soothed.

Read more about Brian’s story here.

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