About Us

Who Is Mg¹²?

As a family-owned and faith-based business, we are committed to sharing the healing properties of Dead Sea minerals to improve health. We were motivated to start Mg¹² through our own personal experience and success with topical magnesium. We soon realized the importance of that decision by offering natural, effective topical products to countless people with a vast array of pain symptoms. We are continuing to reach more and more people and touch their lives with the power of magnesium.

Since 2006, our mission has been to enhance the lives of others in need. With our Magnesium Oil based products, we do this in a kind and charitable manner. Our HOPE is that our products will help you achieve your optimum level of health, as they have helped others naturally.

Our Mission

Is to bring healthful living and mindfulness to the world through the healing power of magnesium.

The Mg¹² Vision

Through passion and dedication we are championing the cause of bringing topical magnesium and its healing benefits to those who need it most. We pride ourselves on our level of care and customer service in bringing our unparalleled natural products to the world, and we are always looking for new ways to improve our communities with this gift.

Our Philosophy

Physically Prosper
Every Day


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