About Us
Our Mission, Core Values, & Brand Promise
Our Mission
Since 2006, we have been committed to enhancing the lives of others in need. We do this by making products that can safely improve conditions necessary for better health. With our magnesium oil products, we hope to do this in a kind and charitable manner, thus making many friends in the process. The magnesium oil products we have assembled are powerful weapons in the war for good heath and our hope is that it will help you, as they have helped others, to achieve your own personal optimum level of health, naturally.
Our Story
Two and a half years ago, Magnesoothe completely transformed my life, so I bought the company and am spreading the word about these amazing Dead Sea mineral products. Our mission at Mg¹² is to bring the all-natural magnesium-rich topical supplements into the homes of all that are deficient — AND 80% OF US ARE DEFICIENT IN MAGNESIUM — so we developed a more uniformed brand and user-friendly packaging.
Our Brand Promise
The MG12 logo is a symbol for the finest quality of all natural, organic minerals & ingredients, affordable & competitive pricing, a brand that will do everything possible to always improve its products.
Our Core Values
To Honor God in all that we do by treating everyone, our corporate family, competitors, and customers, as we would like to be treated, putting basic moral values before money, and helping those in need.
I got some at the Apple Festival for my legs and I am almost out about to have a fit wanting to get more because this stuff works. My knees and legs hurt and since I have been using it they don't hurt as much I have only been using it once a day to stretch out what I have and when I get more I will definitely use it twice a day. I missed one day and woke up with my legs and knees hurting. I will never miss again. I have tried the bath salts and so has my friend they work great too. Can't wait to get more. Thanks for everything.
- Sandy Wright New Albany, Indiana

As you know, I have been a believer from day one. My husband has always been a bit hard headed and it took me awhile to convince him to give it a try. He has had a bad shoulder for years. He refuses surgery, so his only recourse has been steroid injections and enough ibuprofen to supply a small village. Needless to say, he now comes to me every morning with the oil and cream in hand, the one/two punch if you will:) He came home in a lot of pain today, the first day in weeks that he has felt that bad, and guess what, we forgot to use the MG12 this morning! I immediately ran upstairs and grabbed it and within minutes, he was feeling so much better!! It is not joke that the relief is INSTANT! Thank you for sharing the miracle of Magnesium!
- Carolina Burns Drake

Tried some on a muscle pull in my left arm and it worked great!
- Louise St Romain

I've had knee and back pain for many years and after having lumbar injections I received my mg12. I rubbed my knees in the oil last night so today I decided to tackle the bathtub for which I couldn't use for years because it was too painful. My knees felt so much better this morning that I didn't groan when I stood up. So I filled the tub with warm water and my dead sea salts. I was surprised how little pain I had while sitting down. Remember it's been years since I was able to take a bath. As I relaxed I cried like a baby. It felt so good. I'm looking forward to what I hope is the best nights sleep I've had in a long time. I can't thank you enough Mg12. The best stress reliever as well as joint pain relief.
- Pam Morris McKee

Your magnesium oil and body balm are saving my step-father's leg! He had a lower leg amputation three years ago due to problems with circulation and we have been trying so hard to save his other leg. The swelling and discoloration were severe. We began using the Magnesport Oil on his leg about two months ago and noticed the swelling was decreasing. I called your company and spoke with the owner, Tom Strader, telling him how thrilled we are with the incredible results of using the oil. Mr. Strader recommended we use the Body Balm too. Once we began applying the Body Balm, along with the oil, the swelling began to decrease even more. Life from the Dead Sea is being brought into and healing my step-father's leg! It truly is a miracle! Hallelujah! Thank you!
- Samantha Williams