Mg12 products are truly amazing! I have used the bath salts throughout my training, the MagneSport oil before and during my race and then the salts and balm for recovery. I expected to struggle during my 114-mile ride but toward the end of the race I got much stronger! I have been amazed at how well my legs have recovered. I love what these products have done for my training and recovery!
-Brian Lowman, Ironman Triathlete

Mg12 is one of my favorite products for recovery. I discovered the product in 2016 and have been using regularly ever since. My favorite products are their bath salts and MagneSport oil, and they always come with me when I travel for races or otherwise. I use the MagneSport oil after long workouts, or any time that I think my legs need a little help with recovery. It’s the first thing I recommend to people if they mention they’re having muscle soreness. The MagneSport Dead Sea Bath Salts are also a favorite of mine. I use them every time I get a chance to take a bath, and I use them the night before a race to relax and help me sleep.” -
Fiona Martin, triathlete

As a competitive CrossFit athlete- I am always pushing myself to that breaking point. Mg12 is AMAZING. It is all natural and provides the muscle relief I need. Not only that, but it soothes the mind which seems to be the hardest muscle to soothe, am I right? I can’t thank Mg12 enough for the impact they’ve had on not just my recovery, but my life!” 
-Hiliary Parham, CrossFit

Dead Sea Bath Salts are a regular part of my necessary recovery routine. I dabble a little in all Mg12’s products. The Dead Sea Bath Salts are my favorite! -
Mekenzie Riley, CrossFit

As a 38-year-old competitor on American Ninja Warrior and Advanced CrossFit athlete, my body takes quite the beating. I was introduced to Mg12 about a year ago and things have changed dramatically for me. Mg12 helps my fatigue during exercise to help me train longer, but it really comes into play in my recovery. At my age, things tend to breakdown more often than I would like, but like automobile maintenance, you have to visit the shop every once in a while. Mg12 has been my maintenance product and I couldn’t see my performance at this level without it!
-Naeem “The Dream” Mulkey, American Ninja Warrior

Fantastic product. I'm a triathlete and started using their products several months ago. I use them before and after workouts and recovery is better and there is less soreness during the workout. I also recently pulled my psoas muscle and used MG 12 as a rehab aide. Really worked!” -
Paul Zimmerman, triathlete

These Dead Sea Bath Salt products are amazing! I use the MagneSport Roll-on directly before and after high intensity workouts and use the MagneSport balm for massages and self-administered facial mobilization. A must for any CrossFitter. Thank you Mg12!
-Ron Ortiz & CrossFit 1401


It is estimated that 68-80% of Americans are magnesium deficient... I was waking up in the middle of the night with terrible cramps from electrolyte deficiency. Fortunately, I was introduced to Mg12 in November. Since then I have been using Mg12 daily and have not been cramping at night. I apply Mg12 topically because the body is able to absorb higher concentrations of magnesium vs. orally.”
Ryan Courtoy, an Asheville runner training for the Olympics.