How Long Does it Take
Magnesium Oil to Work?
This is the most common question we are asked.
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Magnesium Works, Right Away.
This is the most common question we are asked. The second most frequent question is, "Will Magnesium Oil work for me or will it help my ___________?" The answer is easy; yes, it will help, if your problem is due to a magnesium deficiency. It is required that you be consistent and persistent by regularly applying the MagneSoothe products of your choice to rebuild your internal magnesium levels.

And that leads us to the question at hand, "How long will it take for the magnesium oil to work?" The simple answer is, right away. Because the minerals in magnesium oil are ionic and is transdermally delivered directly to the cell, versus through the digestive system. The minerals go directly into the blood stream and fatty deposits where it is absorbed. But what you really want to know is how long before you feel relief or see results? This is not as simple to answer because of all the variables involved, such as an individual's age, weight, current health conditions, diet, severity of magnesium deficiency, etc; these all cause varying time frames of how long it could take to feel the effects.
20% Of Users Find Relief After a Few Doses
However, from our personal experiences, and by talking to both our healthcare distributors and customers, we have an answer. About 15% of Magnesoothe users will get instant relief. About 20% will get relief after a couple of uses. Then there are about 5% of users that will use Magnesoothe in a wrap for an injury, sore muscle, or Arthritis and get great results from just one or two applications.

40% of Most People Need Continuous Use
40% is where most people will fall and it is the most critical. 40% of people need continuous use because they have a severe deficiency of magnesium. They have numerous things in their body that have been starved of magnesium and now the body has to decide what gets help first. This may lead to not seeing any effects for several days. On average, we see it take about 7-10 days for a 10% relief, after about 30-45 days a 70% relief, and in 60-90 days a near to full recovery. To get these results we recommend using Magnesium Oil twice a day (8-10 sprays in the morning on the chest and stomach area and 3-4 sprays on the top and bottom of each foot before bed). We also recommend doing a bath soak 1-3 times a week, with 2+ cups of magnesium crystals, for 45-90 mins.

The last 20% of people are either people that don't have a magnesium deficiency (which is rare for anyone living in the industrialized world) or give up before they start seeing the desired results. Don't be one of these people! We have seen people on heavy pain meds and facing a 2nd or even 3rd surgery, have a full recovery, and completely come off there meds just by sticking with it! Remember to consult your doctor if you are taking medication or under medical care before using any magnesium oil products.
Mg12's CEO Explains How Magnesium Changed his Life
Tom Strader grew up on a farm; he understands the situational pain associated with accidents like falling off a horse or being kicked by a mule. He never complained. But he never encountered the severity of back pain that began to plague his body in 2012. He traveled for work and became increasingly affected by his persistent back pain. From his mood to his ability to get a good night’s rest, the pain touched every aspect of Tom’s life.

Pain medication only added to his discomfort because, whenever he took the prescription drugs, he didn’t feel like himself. His doctors diagnosed a bulging disc and wanted to operate. Then a friend suggested he try Magnesium oil made by a company called Magnesoothe. He had heard that the company had a reputation for selling Dead Sea Magnesium products that healed people and improved athletic performance.

After about four weeks, Tom woke up one morning with no more pain. To say he was thrilled is an understatement. He was so elated with the results that he cashed in his 401K and bought the company, renaming it Mg12. Today as CEO, Tom revels in the fact that he can now help other people live healthier lives, free of chronic pain.