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Our Magnesium Oil Comes from the Dead Sea
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Our Source of Magnesium is the Dead Sea
The most important aspect is the source of our magnesium oil. There are numerous salt water sources available for the magnesium chloride needed to manufacture magnesium oil, but very few are considered to be clean and effective. These sources range from inland salt water bodies, often found to have high levels of heavy metals, to ocean sources that are generally contaminated with industrial pollutants. Only two sources have been found to be virtually free of both; the Dead Sea and deep underground basins. We have chosen the Dead Sea as the source of our magnesium oil because along with its unsurpassed purity, it also contains a unique combination of trace elements that have been known for providing health benefits for thousands of years. The unique combination consists of 21 minerals that are not found together in any other body of water on earth outside of the Dead Sea. Researchers have also discovered that the Dead Sea’s unique mineral combination is similar to the makeup of the human skin. The Dead Sea is recognized worldwide as a source of healing, as indicated by the thousands who flock yearly to its seaside spas and the hundreds of health products made with its minerals. The Israeli government has taken great steps to protect the Dead Sea waters for this and other commercial reasons. Going one step further, we only use minerals extracted from the Southern Basin of the Dead Sea, and not from the coastal areas affected by human activity.
Our Natural Extraction Process
To insure the purity of the final product and the integrity of the minerals, no heat or chemicals are used during the separation process. A natural solar evaporation process is used to reduce the sodium chloride (salt), potassium and calcium, leaving a magnesium rich solution with all the trace elements intact. These remaining minerals are now ready for blending into our Magesoothe Dead Sea magnesium oil.
The 4 Stage Filtration Process
The last step taken to ensure purity and clarity of our magnesium oil takes place in our manufacturing facility. After blending the minerals back together, we send our magnesium oil through a proprietary, 4 stage, non-chemical filtration process to ensure it is as free of any unwanted particulates as possible. Finally, it is bottled by hand so that each bottle can be inspected individually before shipped from our facility to our growing family of customers.
The Purest Magnesium Oil on the Market
We aim to produce the purest and most effective magnesium oil on the market. We also strive to take that same magnesium oil and incorporate it into new and innovative products that can help the average person get as much magnesium into their body as possible on a daily basis. Why? We consider magnesium to be the body’s “Master Mineral” because of the body’s demand for it and we want our magnesium oil to be the easiest and most effective way for anyone to get that very important mineral.


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