Magnesium Oil Testimonials

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INSTANT Pain Relief - D. Coakley

THIS JUST HAPPENED! My hip joint has been very painful for about two weeks...for no reason that I know of...I was assuming it was arthritis, but I really don't know. When I stood up, I had to push with my arms to prevent putting any pressure on my hip because I couldn't stand the pain, but it hurt even just sitting or standing still or lying down. I have had trouble sleeping because of the pain. I don't like taking medicine, but my husband, who uses Magnesoothe regularly for his aches and pains, finally convinced me to try Magnesoothe on my hip about 20 minutes ago. I just stood up and there was absolutely NO pain in my hip. The pain of the last two weeks is COMPLETELY GONE! I am amazed! I can dance around, sit, stand, move in any direction and there is no pain! Wow!

Thanks for all you do!..and for the Magnesoothe! 10/3/13


Stage 4 Lung Cancer & Pain! - K. Patterson

I have been battling 4th stage lung cancer for over a year now. Actually I have been sick with cancer for almost 2 years. I first had pancreatic cancer, but God healed me of that. Praise the Lord!   A year later they discovered I had lung cancer. A dear friend of mine sells Magnesium Bath Crystals and bottles of Mag Oil along with other things that are made from the Dead Sea. He wanted me to try some of the crystals and the oil. It's Amazing!!  After my treatments, my bones hurt so bad all over. l fill my tub up and pour 16 ounces of the crystals in my bath water and soak for almost an hour. I cannot tell you how it makes me feel. My bones don't hurt for 3 days. I also put the oil on my skin and it makes it feel like a baby. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even my pain pills didn't take away the pain. I highly recommend anyone who suffers from any kind of pain to purchase and try these products. You will be amazed at what it does. Don't take my word just try it. You will love it. Again thank you! 


Male Pattern Baldness & Cancer - A. Bailey

My Name is ****** Bailey. I first started using Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil about 5 years ago. I began to use the product because my Doctor told me how beneficial magnesium was for the whole body.  I had began to experience Andropause or male pattern balding on my head, as well as problems with absorption of vitamins and minerals due to Cancer in the intestinal area. So for the first year I began to use Magnesoothe 2 times a day, by spraying it on my scalp and all over the body. Within 6 months I started to see my hair was returning and getting thicker. I was so amazed that I was able to reverse the loss of my hair, when even my younger brother had lost almost all of his hair. My health also dramatically changed and my levels of cancer diminished and my intestinal discomfort and problems were improving. I then began a workout schedule as part of my new health regimen, and my doctor further recommended MagneCharge to help with building muscle and  abating the cancer. Within a week I noticed that my skin was very youthful and defined and I was full of energy. Since I have used these products I have never felt more alive and strengthened to live a full and active life. I would recommenced Magnesoothe products to everyone who really is interested in turning there heath in the right direction and literally supercharge there body. If you don't believe me just try it for a month and you will feel and see the difference.


Relief From Neuromuscular Pain - R. Patel

I cannot say enough about the Magnesoothe products. My personal favorites are the Magnesium Bath Crystals, Magnesium Oil Spray, and especially the MagneSmoothe Cream. I suffer from immense neuromuscular pain and there is nothing on the market that relieves the pain like this cream! I cannot emphasize that enough! It's a perfect compliment to any prescription pain topical and your own essential oil practice! Actually, for me it enhances them! It has changed my pain management. My personal preference is soaking in the Magnesium Bath Crystals for a good half hour, followed by generous application of the Cream and Magnesium Oil as needed. Wrap yourself in something warm and allow it all to absorb in! The individual(s) that I have dealt with at Magnesoothe - I have been repeat customer for a long time - are the perfect ambassadors for a company that is as holistic as this one. They truly care and offer outstanding customer service in their desire to help others! The best! You can't ask for more!


A Midwife's Special Story

As a midwife, I strive to give information about natural remedies for common discomforts of pregnancy and birth without having new moms buy unnecessary or worthless products. I choose ones that are without unwanted side affects or ingredients that could harm mom or baby. The goal is to keep up with new items on the market and also good current research and information about nutrition, health, and lifestyle issues that sometimes intensify or pop up during pregnancy especially. Probiotics are a good example, as well as the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals into the body; this research and personal testing is how I came to decide what few things I would recommend. I also have a particular interest in products suitable and natural for pain relief for myself. I have experienced chronic neck pain since a car accident in 2001 that began also affecting the nerves and muscles in my shoulder, arm and wrist about a year ago. The options are few when it comes to natural pain relief in general for my clients (when pregnancy restricts the intake of some ingredients) or for me. Common pain complaints I hear are soreness in the muscles or joints of the hips and often other areas because of postural changes. I have typically recommended chiropractic, massage, or acupuncture. These options are effective and helpful in the long term, along with stretching and exercise, but those aren't choices for everyone. Also, some treatments don't provide instant relief and can be expensive or something you can only do occasionally if you are uninsured. The only other option I could call on often is natures little miracle herb: Arnica. There are Arnica gels and creams at pharmacies that are for this purpose-- and I have definitely found the oral homeopathic version of arnica to help some people with pain without the danger of side effects or unnecessary ingredients-- but nothing consistently worked with every use until I tried the new MagneSmoothe Body Cream with Arnica infused Magnesium Oil. I came across it through a former client and friend of our family. I knew the other products he carried were only of the highest quality and I'd also recommended them to clients before... the probiotics for any intestinal upsets and the Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil for blood pressure issues and restless legs or leg cramps that can sometimes arise in pregnancy due to an imbalance of nutrients in the body. I knew that only the highest quality items made the cut! When I received my first tester jar of the Magnesium Oil body cream, I was instantly pleased with the texture. I've tried other gels, creams, and oils, and all were unpleasant to me in their odor and their unpleasant residue left afterward. The MagneSmoothe is something like the texture of whipped coconut oil-- which is one of its ingredients and another wonderful healthful and beneficial item I am always pleased to see women use on their skin as opposed to lotions. The aroma was of essential lavender oil-- which has pain relieving, relaxant, and antiseptic properties. Whatever combination of arnica and other ingredients are used in the formulation of this product are nothing short of miraculous for me and the clients who have used it so far. I received almost instant pain relief as I rubbed it into my shoulder, arm, wrist, and finally my neck. And to my amazement, the relief lasted! I didn't reapply until sometime the next day. I smelled wonderful and my skin felt great from the cream. I apply it now daily (I keep it in my purse!) and am experiencing much less tension and pain in all my previous problem areas. I recommend it without reservation to moms and to anyone experiencing muscle soreness, aches and pains, and even acute injuries. I recently applied it after receiving liquid stitches and the healing time was extraordinarily short! I massaged the area daily with the cream and the scar tissue was minimized as well as the pain and itching associated with healing. MagneSmoothe Body Cream is amazing!


Arthritis, Inflammation, Surgery, etc. - C. Loft

I have always had a strange amount of arthritis and inflammation. I had such damage to jaw joints both sides had to be replaced at age 30. Five years later my foot was so painful I had surgery on that to clean out arthritis and fix big toe issues. By 40 I was prescribed anti depressants, ADHD stimulant, birth control, muscle relaxer and anti anxiety meds! And I STILL HAD PAIN and it was really starting to affect my activities of daily life! I researched natural remedies and started taking a Systemic enzyme. Within a month the pain and inflammation went down in my foot. I still had those nagging head and neck pains (apparently surgery could stop me from doing more damage to my jaw joints but the muscle pain from the clenching persisted). My Chiropractor recommended Magnesium oil. So I tried it and OMG my pain subsided! I then read Carolyn Dean's Book The Magnesium Miracle! It all made so much sense... I was Magnesium deficient! So I start my whole mag supplementing routine. Mag rich foods, Oral Mag, Mag oil, Mag baths, Mag soap, Mag shampoo etc! My friends and family started teasing me because anyone who crossed my path with a problem, bad attitude or an ugly look I would say "They must be magnesium deficient!" I finally know what it feels like to walk around without head and neck pain for the first time in my life! I'm a much more relaxed, patient person! I was able to get off of almost all medications (2 more to quit and I'm free)! I'm feeling the best I have felt in 10 years! Took my cholesterol from 268 to 170! And I'm actually maintaining my ideal weight.


The Acne Cure? - L. Mason

For the last several years, my 17 year old son has tried all kinds of over-the-counter and prescriptions for his acne. Some seem to work but then his face is looking horrible again. I was at desperation point, when I did some research on your products. He's been using the soap and cream for the last 2 wks and his acne on his face is clearing up immensely--best I've seen in a long, long time. My daughter came home for Thanksgiving for 4 days and used the products and her face cleared up, too. She was coming from North Carolina, so she wanted to see if her success continued when she got back to that climate--keep your fingers crossed.


Aging Athlete - D. Woodside

The products from Magnesoothe have been a tremendous help to me on several different occasions. The first occurrence was when I started getting back into shape and was playing full court basketball a coupe of times each week. Towards the end of the work out I was having problems with cramping in my calf muscles. Applying Magnesoothe not only curbed the problems if they started to flair up, but it also helped prevent the problem if I rubbed my calf muscles down with Magnesoothe before playing. Another time that Magnesoothe provided relief for me was when I pulled a muscle in my back. It was a muscle just below my shoulder blade that was knotted up and causing me quite a bit of discomfort. I tried deep tissue massages, and even rubbing in Magnesoothe, but nothing seemed to help. After a week, the pain and discomfort was just as strong. As a last resort, I soaked a towel in Magnesoothe, and wrapped my back up to keep it from leaking. I slept on the wrap, and in the morning the tension and pain was completely gone. Finally, I had injured my shoulder, and was dealing with more and more pain, and stiffness in the joint and surrounding muscles. With my flag football season approaching I tried rubbing the shoulder down with Magnecharge prior to warming up for a pick up game. Although the pain in the joint was still there, the Magnecharge helped loosen up the muscles and helped relieve most of the tension and pain. I have been applying Magnecharge to my shouldermost nights before gong to bed, and again to the muscles around the shoulder prior to warming up. I am able to play with minimal pain and no loss of arm strength.


Magnesmoothe Body Cream for Acne - Caroline H.

I waited a week to write this testimonial, because I kept thinking it must be a fluke. I came across your products many months ago, but am pretty healthy, and never felt I had a "need" to try them until recently. I am 37 years old, and have suffered from deep cystic acne for twenty years. As a teenager I was put on Accutane to control it, which worked for several years. Later, in college, I went on birth control pills, which controlled my hormones, thereby keeping my skin clear. (I have learned through research that acne is caused by a specific interaction between bacteria and hormones. If you can control one or the other, or if your body naturally regulates one or the other, you won't have acne. But, if neither are controlled sufficiently, it will lead to acne, no matter your age. This is the reason that people usually develop it as teenagers - because hormones kick in to the equation where bacteria already exist). Several years ago I went off of birth control pills simply because I felt it would be healthier. Unfortunately, the acne came right back. Over the years I have tried everything from Proactiv to Tea Tree Oil (ouch!), with varying degrees of success, but nothing that was permanent or really easy to keep up with. So, when I read your blog recently about how Magnesium Oil can treat acne, I thought I'd give it a try. I was coming into one of those twice-monthly flareups, and in addition to other smaller blemishes, I had two painful cysts forming. So I figured what the heck, I had nothing to lose, and tried the Magnesmoothe Cream. I applied it to my face at night, let it soak in for a few minutes, and wiped off the excess with a towel, and went to bed. The next morning I was absolutely shocked. One of the deep forming cysts had completely disappeared, and the other one was more that 50% gone. I excitedly applied it again that morning, followed the same soak in, then wipe off routine, and went about my business for the day. As the day progressed I could see my blemishes smoothing. And, in addition, my skin wasn't oily like it usually was. It had a nice, soft, matte appearance all day. I was excited, but still thought it might be a fluke. I am happy to report that now, more than a week later, I am in the middle of the week when normally my skin would be at it's absolute worst, and it is completely and utterly blemish-free, smooth and soft. My husband laughs at me because I wake up every morning with some variation of "Look at my skin!," "Can you believe how clear my skin is?" He has started using it too. And, as a side note, as I mentioned above, hormones and flare ups normally occur twice a month, the second time being accompanied by PMS symptoms. I have never had terrible symptoms like other women, but I always, without fail, feel depressed and have some mild pain for about 3 days prior. I usually ignore it because I know what it's related to and I know it will go away. But this time, I had NONE of that. In fact, I've been quite happy and relaxed, with no pain. I assume it is also related to the magnesium oil being absorbed through my skin, as I understand this to be one of the remedies for PMS. I encourage all women to try this. It's wonderful, and it has literally changed my life.


MagMax - Tim,

I use your products every day. The MagMax is my favorite. I have a direct, noticeable relationship between my use of the magnesium and my stress levels. It is profound. I'm very happy to be associated with


Migraine Miracle - Jenn D.

Our 11 year old son has been suffering from migraine headaches for five years. Our family eats extremely well – local, organic and very little sugar and bread - we couldn’t figure out an obvious cause. We have done many home remedies to rid him of his debilitating headaches, sometimes successful but not consistently successful. We decided it was time for him to see a naturopathic doctor 45 minutes away. She spent 2 hours with him taking his history and making some observations and good recommendations. She found that his headaches were mostly structural. The plan she wrote for him included as his main treatment, magnesium. She suggested that he take a bath every three days in a high quality magnesium salt, and, that he use a magnesium oil on his body before going off to school in the morning. It was really amazing that day after day and week after week - he no longer experienced headaches. In fact, as we look at our headache log, it has been over 4 months since he has had pain! The magnesium is preventing headaches and we are so relieved for him. Of course, the rest of the family has been using bath salts for different things like sprains, soreness or just to relax because of its many benefits. As I work from home, I love to have my feet in a foot bath of salts under the desk – it’s very soothing as I get my dose of magnesium! Thank you Magnesoothe, for being an excellent resource for our family.


Great Product! - Tom

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product that has so many uses and best of all it is natural. I mainly use it (Magnesoothe Max) for deodorant and body spray. Also amazingly thought outside the box.Thanks and God Bless.


Skeptic - Donna C.

I am a HUGE skeptic about things that sound too good to be true, and when my husband kept telling me about the wonders of Magnesoothe and how it helped his joint pain, I didn't really take it seriously. To be perfectly honest, I called it "voo-doo water"...sorry...but I have been having excruciating pain in my right shoulder any time I reached back for something. The pain has lasted for about a month now. The night before last, my shoulder began hurting extremely bad, so I tried some Ben-Gay. It was okay for the night and I was able to sleep but when I woke up it was still hurting. I didn't want to wear Ben-Gay to work because of its menthol scent, so I decided, even though I had no faith that it would actually help, to try the Magnesoothe. My shoulder continued to hurt through the morning but before noon, I realized it was no longer hurting me and it hasn't hurt since. I can even reach back without the least hint of pain. I used some more this morning just to be on the safe side...and I included my elbow this time because it has also been troubling me. I am now completely pain free! I don't know why I doubted my husband because I know he is a honest man, but I am so glad that he was persistent about me trying it and even happier that my pain is gone!


Hives - Belva S.

In case you don’t remember we had a conversation some weeks ago. I was the woman in Texas suffering from hives, that had been plaguing me for weeks. You were so patient and offered some very good advice, which I took! The Magnesoothe Max with menthol, etc. was extremely soothing, thank you. A friend and neighbor also ordered from you and she seems pleased.  Once again, I thank you for your kindness, for sharing your knowledge and for helping me get on the path to health!


Shingles - Sue A.

I ordered the crystals along with your Magnesoothe Oil several months ago and being the frugal person I am, used only the oil as I felt the need. For some reason, I "saved" the crystals in case I might "really need" their benefits. Well, that time arrived about 3 and 1/2 weeks ago when I began experiencing unusual sensations in my right side which at first I thought might be a return of kidney stones...OH NO!! But, then a rash appeared which stopped at the center of my back and tummy giving me my first clue that I was experiencing the onset of shingles. But, aren't shingles what "old people" get? I'm a very young and active 63!! Ha! In addition to experiencing several of the "magnesium deficient symptoms", I'm certain the shingles appeared due to a great deal of stress I was under in preparing for our winter musical production which I absolutely could NOT miss...I was both rehearsal and performance accompanist! Therefore, I was also fatigued, had intestinal problems, back and neck pain, irritability, mild insomnia and depression. Knowing that regardless of my condition, the "show must go on", in addition to using the bath crystals, I also resorted briefly to a prescription medication (Valtrex) as well as a pain killer with codeine. But, the most soothing thing that I did for myself was to sink into a very warm tub with the bath crystals knowing that the natural ingredients in them would help heal the rash/blisters. As a result, I experienced very limited itching and my break out was kept to a small area and did not spread. The discomfort that I experienced with my "light case" of shingles has led me to appreciate the agony that others endure when this disease hits with a vengeance. Based on my personal experience, I would recommend very highly treating the lesions with your wonderful product, Magnesoothe Bath sure you have plenty on hand because you'll want to indulge yourself in a bath with them every day, and this condition can lag on for weeks. However, I also believe that using the Bath Crystals has shortened my battle and I'm certain I'll be through this ordeal within 4 weeks. Now, I plan to always have several bottles on hand and will use this product regularly rather than "save it" for a rainy day!


Sore Feet - Bethany B.

After walking all day trying to get my sisters labor to start I went away with a blister on each foot the size of a golf ball. As soon as I got home that night my husband rubbed Magnesoothe Oil on each of my feet, the next morning I woke up with no pain and not a blister in sight.


Bike Crash - Robin G.

My husband had a malfunction with his bicycle brakes and was tossed off the bike onto the asphalt at 20 mph. He got pretty banged up and scraped up. I started applying Magnesoothe immediately to his hips, shoulder and a large knot on his leg in the shin area. What we noticed over the next few days is that he did not get black and blue and the knot in the leg was gone (still sore though) the very next day. Also, he seemed to be healing really fast – this was pretty amazing! I want to make sure we have lots of Magnesoothe on hand all the time and plan on packing it for every trip.


Pain from Head to Toe - Jean K.

I would like to share what Magnesoothe has done for me. Bless the day I was given a small sample bottle. At first I thought it was just another product as I have tried many that did nothing. For 15 or more years I have suffered with arthritis in my hands, feet, knees, shoulder, back and neck. I also had surgery on my hands, feet, knee and back. I decided to try the Magnesoothe but felt it was oily and messy. Found out it was not an oil and was not messy when applied. I rubbed some on my feet and also on my back and down my legs where the nerves were so painful. The next morning when I got up the pain had decreased about 75%. I couldn't believe it!!!! I continued rubbing it on my feet, back and neck two times a day for about one week now. I am improving daily. Am so happy with the results I tell everyone I meet about Magnesoothe. I believe it is a God sent product and I am extremely delighted because I now can move around and sit without the extreme pain I suffered for so many years. Thank God and you good people for a wonderful product.


Overnight Relief With Magnesoothe - Pamela C.

Thanks so much for Magnesoothe! The first night I applied it according to the directions on my inflamed elbow and left it on all night. In the morning the swelling was gone and movement was much improved. It has now been 5 or 6 days and I have full range of motion with that elbow. I've also been using it on my hands and wrists that have become problematic due to too much time at a computer keyboard. They also are much improved and I've stopped taking ibuprofen altogether. Thanks for a really great product. I've been promoting it to all of my friends and my husband sent some to his Mom.


Navy Seal Trainee - Rusty S.

I recently broke a non load bearing bone in my ankle playing basketball. Others heard the snap and saw me crawl off the court in major pain. My main concern was my status as a Navy Seal enlistee, and my ship-out date in just a few weeks. Having used Magnesoothe on minor sports injuries, I knew that it could help me. I had no idea how much!! I saturated a paper towel with Magnesoothe to wrap the ankle for 3 straight nights. Walking the next morning was still quite painful, but by the 3rd day, it was so much better that I was walking without a limp! I was not only able to do my weekly PST for my training in less than a week after my injury, but I POSTED MY BEST TIMES EVER, BY FAR!! I was able to cut a minute off both my 500 yard swim, and my mile run. Taking an ENTIRE MINUTE off my mile run was a complete shock, and must be directly related to the Magnesoothe minerals and its effect on energy levels. Keep in mind, that I have been running over 40 miles a week (sometimes 50+), for many months, so I am in great shape. My regimen was the perfect test for an ankle injury, because the ankle is under much stress in both exercises. The stress on the ankle in swimming is substantial, but I forgot that it was even broken until I got out of the pool. You can understand why I will never be without Magnesoothe.


Therapeutic Massage Therapist - Kate G.

I am a Therapeutic massage therapist working and living in New Mexico. I heard of Magnasoothe’s Magnesium Oil while listening to an internet radio program “The Nutrimedical Report” by Dr. Bill Deagle. What the commercial suggested that the magnesium oil could do peaked my interest. As the increasingly painful joints and muscles due to years of work as a massage therapist was making me consider retiring from my practice, anything that could help me delay that inevitable day would be welcome. Also, I had immediate thoughts to incorporate the use of magnesium oil in treating my massage clients. Often, due to the nature of the massage treatments that I give my clients, they may experience soreness in certain areas of their body the day after. In hopes of mitigating this soreness and relaxing my client during the massage, I purchase a large quantity of the Magnesium oil. Within a few weeks of using the magnesium oil on my clients during massage, I realized that my hands were feeling great and the wrist and finger pain was gone. I then started soaking my feet at the end of work day and the stress and muscle soreness melted away. The results on my clients were as I expected they were more relaxed and less sore. I had ordered Dr. Mark Sircus’ book on Transdermal Magnesium and begin to study this out. I encourage everyone to study about Transdermal Magnesium and specifically anyone in the health care services, but especially my massage therapist colleagues. Try using the magnesium in your practice; help yourself and your clients.


Bad Foot Injury - Kate G.

I had just started using the magnesium oil for my joints and sore muscles and was very impressed with the results, I had been encouraging my husband to try but he couldn’t be bothered, that is until his little accident. He was outside getting wood for the fireplace, he was bare foot and he slipped and dropped a log on the top of his foot smashing three toes and the instep. I was busy doing something in another room and I heard him groaning. He was in a great deal of pain. I took a look at his injury and it was already swelling and there were cuts on the tops of three toes. He had managed to put an ice pack on it but still the pain was getting worse. I decided to tell him of a conversation that I had with Drew Banks at Mangnasoothe about soaking a paper towel in the magnesium oil and wrapping it around the injury then taking plastic wrap and wrapping it around to hold the soaked towel in place. I told him that it would reduce the pain and swelling. I had no idea just how well it would work. We both expected that he would not be able to wear his shoe or even to get it on the next day. The results exceeded our expectations. The day before he couldn’t even step down on his foot, the next morning he got out of bed and stepped down on the foot and could stand on it, he took the wrap off to examine the foot and toes and was amazed. There was very little swelling and the bruising was minimal, the cuts were healing. He thought that he would not be able to go to work, but he went to take a shower and asked me to make a foot bath with the crystals to soak before he left the house, he was able to put on his shoe and work all day with very little pain. He came home and wanted another soak. He kept that up for weeks; he told me he was just feeling better all over as well. He has had other remarkable results but that’s another story. To date nearly all the clients I see are using the magnesium oil and/or crystals at home and have shared with me their stories, which I will post in the testimonial section soon.


No Soreness After Bad Fall - James P.

I had been using Magnesoothe to massage my wife's feet at night to soothe her sore feet and help her get a good night’s sleep. One night, assisting with choir practice at Church , I tripped over wires in the choir loft, and took a hard fall. Since I was not able to brace my fall with my arms, all 6' of me hit the floor including my head. I decided to see if the Magnesoothe could reduce the expected soreness looming the next day. It did more than that, it completely eliminated all soreness. Even my head and neck, though unable to soak them, were not sore at all. I have seen the power of the concentrated ionic minerals in Magnesoothe first hand in dramatic fashion.


Skin Disorder Clears Up - Matt Q.

I started using Magnasoothe for relief of minor muscle soreness after my gym workouts. The application is very easy as the product soaks right into the skin. I have had minor red spots on my chest and stomach for years. While I have never thought of it as a problem, I always wondered exactly what it was. After using the Magnasoothe for about a week for the muscle soreness, I suddenly noticed that the red spots had nearly vanished. I don't know what's in this stuff, but it must be great for skin disorders! What a pleasant surprise!


Energy Levels Increased Dramatically - Bruce M.

I have a sever case of Lyme’s disease resulting in constant exhaustion among other symptoms. I was told that the minerals in Magnesoothe could help me detoxify and to increase my energy. After soaking in the crystals for 4 days in row, my energy level was improved so much that I felt like working in the garden for the first time in 6 months! I have seen and felt the results of this wonderful product and recommend it to anyone in similar need.


Back Pain Gone - Dave H.

My friend of many years gave me a sample of this Dead Sea mineral solution that had dramatically reduced his shoulder pain. I have had severe back pain since an accident and surgery 14 years ago and have been taking regular pain medication. I was stunned when one application reduced my pain to almost zero. I can now function like I did before the injury all because of Magnesoothe.


58 and in a Lot of Pain - Elaine P.

I would like to share what a miracle Magnasoothe has proved to be in my life. I ordered the product because I had heard about it on one of GCN Live's web radio shows. I was in a lot of pain I had new pain in my hands and all over my body really. I split about half cord wood and suffered for days, I was getting to the place I couldn't do the things I like to do and need to do. I am 58 and have been active, horses skiing etc. as well as keeping the home place going (winter in Montana). I am a widow trying to keep 20 acres, horses, a mile of driveway plowed and 2 small jobs going. I also had chronic pain in my back from a roll over truck wreck in 2002, when it flared up I couldn't get out of a chair step up into my truck tie my shoes, it could be very bad. I started the Magnasoothe mid Nov. I rubbed it on my hands, knees, back and feet 2 times a day. I soaked my feet as often as I could. I first got immediate relief from all pain everywhere. It just got better every day. My hands and whole body became more flexible. My energy has gone way up. I then started taking baths almost everyday and things got even better, I can do the things I like and need to do. Now I can haul 35 bales of hay no pain in my hands or back. I recently had to go on the roof to shovel heavy snow, it was a lot of snow very heavy and took several hours. I could never have done that before without a lot of pain in my back NO PAIN!! I have started back on my exercise machine and see a big difference there as well. I clean a large 3300 sq ft home usually I can hardly walk or get out of my chair after. I would take a Magnasoothe bath that night and all was better, Now after the regular use and almost daily baths I don't even hurt, so I believe the chronic problems are healing. I believe Magnasoothe not only relieves the pain, but actually heals. My hands look 10 years younger the age spots disappeared in a few weeks. I feel so relaxed and calm after the bath, I sleep much better, I did have a lot of pain at night that interrupted my sleep. I have struggled for years with bouts of depression and my mood is up, a lot better. I will never be able to thank you enough for the blessing Magnasoothe has been to me. I have also been able to help friends and neighbors as well. I thank God for Magnasoothe and the wonderful people that bring it to us!


College Pitcher - Clemson, SC

Having used Magnesoothe to address some minor issues with great success, I decided to use it as a substitute to “icing” my arm after a game. After the first game, and treatment, my arm was not sore the next day. I could not believe it! I began to use it every day and realized that I could pitch (or throw in the bullpen) almost every day and never developed any chronic pain. I have pitched since I was 7 and have always had some chronic shoulder or elbow pain. Not this year. The other players on the team began to call me “rubber arm” because I threw so often. Magnesoothe made this season seem like a dream! I take it every where I go.


College Baseball Player - Clemson, SC

I suffered a severe sprained ankle sliding into 2nd base. I heard it pop and thought it was broken. I left the game, in great pain, hobbling, and not able to put any weight on that foot. I went home and wrapped it in a bandage saturated with Magnesoothe, which I left on overnight. The throbbing pain was so bad that night, I was grinding my teeth. The next morning I woke to NO PAIN!! I cautiously put my weight on that foot and was able to walk with only slight pain. I was actually jogging later that day!! Two days later, I was at 95% and able to play again. I will never be without Magnesoothe!!!


Aging Athlete - Houser B.

I had heard the testimonies of several friends who had seen amazing results from using Magnesoothe. When I ruptured an Achilles tendon playing basketball, at 53, my first thought was to give it a try. I saturated a bandage and wrapped my painful Achilles that evening. By the next evening, I was no longer limping, and the next morning I was PAIN FREE!!. Even more amazing was that by day 5, I was feeling so good, I went back to the gym and played basketball for over an hour with no pain or discomfort!! I am a believer!! I now apply it to my body everyday as a way to keep my magnesium levels up and I now have the energy of a 30 year old!!


Weightlifter - Dennis C.

I was given a sample of Magnesoothe after a casual conversation with a stranger in a restaurant. I have been an avid weightlifter for years, but could not bench press because of a painful shoulder. One application of Magnesoothe eliminated my pain so completely that I was able to do bench presses for the first time in 18 YEARS!! This stuff WORKS!!


No More Aching Feet, Sleep Better, Better Face Complexion - John C.

When working on my feet all day, my feet start to ache so I have had to change shoes 2-3 times during the day. Once I started using the Magnesoothe on my feet in the morning I found I can stay on my feet all day wearing the same pair of shoes without the aching feet problem. Also, at night before going to bed I use it on any stiff, or sore joints or muscles for a better night's sleep. I also use it on my face because of a dry skin problem and find I have a better complexion. Thanks for a good product.



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