Magnesium Oil Use


Uses of magnesium oil



If you are just beginning to learn about magnesium oil usage you will soon find that it is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the natural health supplement world. Many claims have been made for magnesium oil usage, ranging from pain relief to cleaning your teeth. Most claims are based on facts. The scientific research available on the beneficial effects of magnesium oil usage on the human body is substantial.

The most popular usage of magnesium oil is for pain relief by direct application to the skin. Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has called Magnesium, “probably the single most important nutrient for pain relief.” This has everything to do with the primary pain gates in the skin.

Applying magnesium oil to the skin is also the quickest way to increase total body levels. Why is the topical application better than taking oral magnesium supplements? Not only is liquid magnesium chloride easily absorbed through the skin, but being ionic, it is ready for immediate use by the body. Oral magnesium has to be digested and processed by the body to convert it into an ionic form. Using this application allows one to also relieve painful joints and muscles while increasing total body magnesium levels. For optimum results, it may be best to us both methods.

Listed below are some of the many uses for magnesium oil that Dr. William Deagle, MD has listed on his site.

Aggressive Behavior
Alzheimer's Disease
Attention Deficit Disorder
Brain Damage
Cerebral Palsy
Chemical Sensitivity
Chronic Fatigue
Cluster Headaches
Fluoride Toxicity
Head Injuries
Central Nervous System Injuries

Heart Disease, Heart AttackAtherosclerosis
Cardiovascular Disease
Kidney Stones
Lou Gehrigs Disease (ALS)
Migraine Headache
Menopause Symptom
Multiple Sclerosis
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS
Psychiatric Disorders
Repetitive Strain Injury
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sickle Cell Disease
Sports-related problems
Stuttering Tetanus

More Magnesium Oil Uses and Applications:

Injuries and Problem Areas - Apply Magnesoothe magnesium oil directly to the desired area as needed. Also you can soak a paper towel with Magnesoothe and placing it on the desired area (example: sprained ankle or pulled muscle) Wrap the application with shrink wrap or household plastic wrap to keep it secure and moist. Keep the area wrapped for 4 to 8 hours.

Short term results are derived from rubbing/massaging magnesium oil directly on the skin in the area of concern.

Long term results come from soaking the feet or entire body in a diluted solution (using the Magnesoothe magnesium bath crystals) on a regular basis.

Magnesium Maintenance (increase your magnesium levels):

Night time Application - For better sleep, rub Magnesoothe magnesium oil on your feet before going to bed.

Daytime - Apply Magnesoothe magnesium oil liberally to the body anytime (best, in the morning) to increase your energy.

General Maintenance - Soaking your feet (using the Magnesoothe magnesium bath crystals), or entire body, once, or twice a week will help maintain a healthy level of Magnesium in your body.

Don't just use any magnesium oil:

Please note, that Magnesoothe is more than just magnesium chloride (as is the case with other magnesium oils), but, it also contains ionic calcium and potassium, as well as other ionic trace minerals from the Dead Sea (12 not found in any other salt water body on earth) that work in unison with one another in the body.

Many magnesium oils may derive from unclean or even contaminated bodies of water. We take pride in bringing you the purest magnesium oil on the market.
Magnesium Oil can be used to soothe pain nearly any where on the body ranging from muscle cramps to muscle/joint aches and pains. It is also capable of relieving stress, help maintain good skin, relaxing your body, promoting good sleep, and aiding general health and vitality.



Soak your whole body in warm bath water for 45 – 90 minutes with 1– 6 cups of Magnesoothe Bath Crystals. The most effective protocol for this therapy is to begin with a daily bath for the first 7 days, (starting at lighter concentrations and building up) then continue with a maintenance program of 1-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. Sensitive care must be taken especially with children as to dose levels, water temperature and magnesium concentrations. They need only about ½ a cup per bath.

Foot Soaking:

Soak your feet in warm bath water for 20 – 45 minutes with ¼ – 2 cups of Magnesoothe Bath Crystals. This also can be an effective protocol to begin for the first 7 days if you have had your cellular magnesium levels tested ( and you are not extremely deficient. Just like body soaks, you would start with a lighter concentration and build up to a heavier one and then continue with a maintenance program of 1-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. Sensitive care must be taken especially with children as to dose levels, water temperature and magnesium concentrations. They need only about ½ a cup per bath.

Body spray:

Spraying Magnesoothe’s Magnesium Oil or Magnesoothe Max on the body is a very effective and economical way of transdermal application. It can deliver magnesium for internal body processes and is an excellent remedy for various skin conditions, as well as to prevent magnesium deficiency and a variety of conditions associated with it.

For a large adult, spraying the body with a ¼ - ½ ounce of Magnesium Oil is sufficient. A small adult or a child will require less.


Creating a wrap is the most effective way of using magnesium oil on an injury. Take 2 pieces of clean, household paper towels. Saturate the paper towel with magnesium oil until it is completely wet but not to the dripping (you may need to work it in a little and then wring it out.)

Apply the paper towel to the injured area. Next you will need household kitchen wrap or plastic wrap. This will help hold the towel in place and also help keep it from drying out. Make sure the application is not on too tight as this can cause loss of circulation.

Leave this on for up to 4 hours then allow the area to air dry for at least 1 hour. After the area has dried for 1 hour you can repeat the process.

This process work best if the location of the injury is an area of the body that can be wrapped easily (eg. leg, ankle, arm hand, wrist, rib etc.) Some places on the body are harder to wrap than others and you may need someone to help you with the process.

Body wash:

The essential oils in Magnesoothe Max have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and can be used as a body wash, deodorant, and/or mouth wash (do not swallow) (not for children under the age of 15.)

Use 1 Tbsp in 1 gallon of filtered water for general cleaning.

Vaginal douche / sitz bath:

Dilute 1oz. of magnesium oil (reg. Magnesoothe or Magnesoothe MAX) in 1 cup of warm water (or 1:10 if more water is needed). This ratio can be used as a vaginal douche for minor infections or in a sitz bath.

Mouth wash:
As a mouthwash, dilute ¼ tsp into 1oz. of water. Gargle for 60 seconds. DO NOT SWALLOW. This is excellent for the gums, freshening your breath, strengthens teeth and is great for gingivitis. It is magnesium, not calcium, which helps form hard tooth enamel resistant to decay. Not for children under the age of 15.

A couple of sprays under each armpit works both as an effective deodorant and to transport magnesium into the body systems through the lymphatic nodes positioned in the armpits. It can also be applied by hand. Spray/wash feet with it to achieve the same effect.

Massage medium

Magnesium oil (Magnesoothe and Manesoothe MAX) is especially effective when used as a massage medium. It has an oily consistency which makes it very suitable for massages.

Massage speeds up circulation, opens up pores and raises the skin temperature by attracting blood to the area. This improves the absorption by the body of Magnesium and other minerals contained in Magnesoothe. Dilute the product if necessary to suit each particular skin type.


A compress is a very effective and economical method in the use of helping localized aches/pains, arthritis, wounds, etc. (WARNING: If you choose to use magnesium oil on a wound it can have a very painful burning sensation.)

For a wound, you might find it more suitable to apply magnesium oil around it and not on it to help prevent any burning.

The effectiveness of transdermal applications of Magnesium Chloride is explained by the skin's ability to absorb substances which are then transported by the circulatory system around the body. Transdermal applications are widely used in the orthodox medicine in the form of patches for a variety of medications where continuous intake of medical substances is required (e.g. HRT, cigarette patches,etc.). Transdermal effect is also used in holisitc therapies (e.g. Aromatherapy).

Magnesium oil is safe, since transdermally there is no risk of overdosing - the skin will not absorb more magnesium than the body needs. However, it must never be ingested and must be kept in a safe place - away from children.

Possible changes in mineral levels in the body after soaking/applying Magnesoothe over a range of 3 months to 1 year.


Cautions When Using magnesium oil:

Magnesoothe’s magnesium oil and MAX is not to be ingested. Keep out of open wounds, cuts, scrapes, eyes, and nasal cavities. Keep off of genitalia. Keep out of reach of children.

If Magnesoothe’s magnesium oil or MAX is ingested please contact your healthcare professional.

Some itching or burning can be normal for people with sensitive skin. If itching or burning does occur just wash area with cold water. You may want to try to use the product again but at a diluted ratio (3 parts oil to 1 part water).

Most people find that the Magnesoothe MAX does not have any itching or burning effects.

If Magnesoothe magnesium oil or MAX gets in the eye then wash with cold water.

Magnesoothe MAX is not to be used by children under the age 15 for it contains White Camphor oil.