Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil Bath Crystals

Magnesooth Bath Crystals

Magnesoothe Bath Crystals

Magnesoothe Bath Crystals is just a concentrated crystalized form of the magnesium oil. Bath crystals can be an effective method for increasing your overall magnesium levels but can come with a hefty price if you’re not careful with the amount you use.

How to Use Them

There are 2 methods for using the bath crystals; one is a full body soak in a bath tub or the other is soaking just your feet. More on this later.

How Much to Use

Starting off with a small amount is the key to not wasting. We recommend starting with 1 ½ to 2 cups of crystals and with each bath after your first one add 1 extra cup until you reach your desired results.

How Often

How much and how often is always a hard question to answer; it all depends on the person, their state of health, and how deficient they are in magnesium. For an average person though, we recommend a full body soak between once a week to once a month and foot soaks for the days in between (no more than 5 per a week though). After soaking your feet let them dry thoroughly.

How Long

For baths, as little as 45 minutes to as much as 1 ½ hours. For foot soaks, as little as 15 mins. to as much a 45 mins.

Want to Save Money?

Yes, we know that is a dumb question:) but here is how you do it. If you enjoy or prefer foot soaking you can reuse the water and you do that by following these simple steps:

1. wash your feet before soaking them.
2. only fill the foot pan with warm water just above the tops of your feet.
3. soak for 30 mins. to 1 hr.
4. after soaking your feet let them dry thoroughly.
5. cover the pan once you are finished.
6. wash your feet before using the soak each time.
7. before reusing the soaking water add a cup or 2 of warm water to reheat.
8. add a cap full of regular household hydrogen peroxide.
9. soak for 30 mins. to 1 hr and cover again.

You can reuse the soaking water 3 to 4 times if you follow steps 5 - 8.



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