Refund Policy

Returns, Partial Refunds, Refunds and Exchanges Policy

Magnesoothe Brand Products Partial Refund: Advanced Bio Solutions does not do full refunds. The reason why ABS doesn’t allow for a full refund is because of the discounts and free shipping that are in place on many of the Magnesoothe brand products. Only a partial refund is available for Magnesoothe brand products.

What about non-Magnesoothe brand products? We are sorry, but we do not allow refunds or exchanges for any non-Magnesoothe brand products. We are not the manufacturer of items like Alli-C. We carry these products not to make a profit, but to have them available to our family of customers at an affordable price. These non-Magnesoothe products can be found on our website for great prices and discounts on multiple items. In order for us to be able to keep them at great prices we cannot allow refunds or exchanges on these items.

How much time do I have? Your product has a guaranteed 2-3 day delivery time, so we give you 18 days from the date your item was shipped to make a request for a partial refund.

What if my order was an international order? We are sorry, but because of the extra time it takes to bill, package, and ship internationally, and the extra discount we add to help supplement for international shipping, we have a firm no refund or exchange policy for all international orders.

What if my order included a large discount? During large sales evens like Black Friday, we offer discounts ranging from 35% - 50% off items in our store. We also continue our free shipping offer (US only) too. We don't make much profit during these events, but we offer them anyway as a way to let our large family of customers get some great deals as a way to thank them for their support! With that said, we are unable to provide any refunds or exchanges for sales that include large discounts.

How much is my partial refund? Item cost minus shipping, discounts and a 25% restocking fee.

How do I get my partial refund? 1) Call us @ 1-877-331-4252 to receive a RI# (Refund Identification #) to write on your return. 2) You will need the following to be approved and receive your RI#: Order ID, Name, and Date your order was placed (all of this can be found on receipt that was e-mailed to you after you placed your order.) 3) Once you have received your RI#, you will need to repackage your item with the following information: RI#, Order ID, Name, and Date your order was placed. 4) Ship your return to: Magnesium, LP, Attn: Magnesoothe RI#****, 20 Jervey Rd. Suite 103, Tryon, NC 28782

How long does it take to get my money back? As soon as we receive your return, we will inspect the item to make sure that it is the correct item that was ordered. After inspection, we will issue your refund, but please allow 2-5 business days for the refund to show up into your account.

Damaged Packages: We offer a very speedy shipping method through the US Postal System, but as with any shipping company it does come with its share of the occasional damages to a customers’ order. When a package is damaged, there is a lot of “red tape” to cut through but we will try and rectify the situation promptly. For international orders it can be a different story. Trying to rectify an international order that has been damaged can take a long time (3-8 months). Because USPS contracts with 2nd or 3rd party shippers to make the final delivery of packages, it is even possible that a claim will be denied.