Simple 11 Shampoo

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The very first Magnesium Oil Shampoo with 11 simple ingredients!
Troubled by not knowing or understanding what's in your shampoo? You won’t have that problem with Simple 11. Created with the finest natural and organic ingredients that all serve a purpose for your hair and creating the perfect shampoo.

1) Coconut Oil (hydration and health) is one of the most effective conditioners available. Coconut oil nourishes dry and brittle hair, encourages healthy hair growth, prevents hair loss, promotes a healthy scalp, and relieves dandruff. It provides the essential proteins required to nourish dry, damaged hair and rejuvenates the hair very quickly.


2) Castor Oil (strength and growth) It stimulates the hair follicles leading to new and faster hair growth. Regular use of castor oil also conditions the scalp and hair. Each and every hair strand becomes stronger with the regular use of castor oil. It also helps removes the dirt and bacteria that clog the pores that often become the reason behind dandruff and hair fall.


3) Sunflower Seed Oil
(conditioning and shine) is a valuable ingredient for conditioning greasy hair and it helps to nourish the hair and prevent breakage.



4) Hemp Seed Oil (health and strength) is excellent source of amino acids and has been proven to have many benefits for your hair. It is proven to be helpful for developing keratin formation. Hemp seed oil for hair helps develop stronger and healthier hair.


5) Potassium Hydroxide is a common ingredient in cosmetics to transform healthy fats in a process call saponification. Saponification gives shampoo and soaps its thickness and lather for more effective cleaning.


6) Magnesoothe (health) magnesium oil from the Dead Sea that contain vital minerals to help the overall health of your hair/scalp.



7) Lavender Oil (growth & anti-dandruff) is among the commonly used aromatherapy oils, which is extremely effective in treating the problem of hair loss. Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth.


8) Sweet Orange Oil
(scalp health) has mild anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the scalp healthyand clean.


9) Rosemary Oil (growth and color) for hair loss is one of the most effective, natural solutions. Rosemary essential oil stimulates circulation to the scalp and destroys any bacteria that could clog hair follicles. As an added hair care bonus, it increases hair shine and color.


10) Vitamin E (body, shine, and color) not only helps with split ends, but it also keeps your color vibrant. Vitamin E may also keep your hair color from going gray. It also helps give hair both body and bounce.


11) Water is the essence of life and the last ingredient that combines all of the above together.


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