What, Really, is Magnesium Good For?
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Magnesium is the Miracle Mineral because it helps Your Horses Health
Magnesium Has a Wide Range of Health Benefits
Even though the public hears of it on a regular basis, magnesium does not currently enjoy the popularity in the way that potassium and calcium do. However, magnesium is good for an array of things from alleviating high blood pressure to prevention of too much calcium developing in the body. It also helps to maintain energy levels and benefits the health of both the heart and the blood vessels.

As stated above, magnesium is good for an array of things. Magnesium’s other health benefits include:
  • being included in over-the-counter laxatives
  • helping to prevent osteoporosis
  • acting as a natural blood thinner, which can help prevent both heart attacks and strokes
  • prevention of diabetes as it has been found that people with diabetes have very low levels of magnesium. Taking magnesium supplements has been shown to help reverse the affects of early signs of diabetes.
Foods that Have Magnesium
Fortunately, magnesium is
also found in a broad range of foods so it does not necessarily have to be taken as a supplement. Foods that contain magnesium include:
  • beans and soy beans
  • whole grains
  • nuts
  • seeds, such as flaxseed, sesame and sunflower
  • dry cocoa power and even
  • dark chocolate
  • leafy green vegetables. Also vegetables such as spinach, corn and carrots.
  • fish
The U.S. diet has, unfortunately declined in magnesium by over 80 percent since the 1950’s. This is due mostly to the grain refining process that has been occurring since that time. Hence, it has taken away much of what is magnesium good for and it is now believed that it is a contributing factor to diseases such as heart attacks,
strokes and diabetes. As a result, the average U.S. diet contains barely over
half of the level of recommended magnesium.

What is even more unfortunate is that most of the U.S. doesn’t consume enough of the foods that contain magnesium. This also often results in the three above mentioned diseases. Even worse is that ingredients contained in certain prescription drugs, foods, genetic factors and aging can interfere with magnesium’s absorption. Today’s magnesium absorption rates in the U.S. have been found to be as low as 20 percent.

How Processed Foods Are Affected
Refined oils remove magnesium levels completely so does refined sugar. For example, you won’t find any magnesium at all in safflower oil or white or brown sugar at all. Molasses contains up to 25 percent per teaspoon. Refined grains have up to only 20 percent of the magnesium left after they’re processed. At least 20 other nutrients are also removed in the process, only five are put back and magnesium is, unfortunately, not one of them.

Government and food regulation agencies have questioned whether the statistics could be due to a change in measurement techniques since the 1950’s. However, this has been refuted by Dr. Joel Wallach of Longevity Institute. Wallach claims that if such errors were present, they would have been consistent throughout the years and most, if not all food groups. Wallach compared the USDA food tables and found that crops did, in fact, show consistency in their vitamin and mineral levels between 1963 and 1998. The reductions in vitamins and minerals are the result of more intensive industrialized practices on farms.

Reductions in several vitamins and minerals are widely believed to be a huge trigger in today’s health issues. Particularly in diseases such as that of the heart, strokes and diabetes. However, a lack of magnesium especially is showing these and other declines in the health of the U.S. population overall.

What are the Current Recommendations?
With much of our food currently being too refined, relying on food alone for high amounts of magnesium is currently not considered to be practical. A diet high in magnesium is probably best with supplements. If you are considering taking magnesium supplements, please be sure and discuss this with your doctor and pharmacist to be sure that this is the best course of action for you.
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So I'm carrying our elderly terrier up the deck steps when the cat runs between my legs and down I go, all the weight on my left wrist, hand. Could not flex my wrist at all- was sure I'd broken something in it- even if my finger tips brushed something, it was agony. I went to ER where no fracture was found, just ligament and tendon strain. The back of my hand was very swollen and I decided against prescribed pain pills, opting to slather the Mg12 oil and balm all over my hand and wrist that night, before I went to bed. To be honest, I doubted I'd even get much sleep, it hurt so much. By the morning, Scout's Honor, it was FINE. I couldn't believe it! Sure, there was residual ouchiness if I really stressed it by carrying my horses' filled water buckets during barn chores, but I could twist and flex my wrist and hand and use my fingers with NO pain, whatsoever. I've applied the oil to my 15 year old Jack Russell's hips and back and she looks really good as well and I'm also applying it, as well as the balm, to my injured horse's stifle injury. He'll be ultra sounded in a week- can't wait to see the results! Great product!!
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