What's Magnesoothe?

Magnesoothe Magnesium Oil

Before we get into the details of Magnesoothe please allow us a moment to give those of you that don’t know what magnesium oil is a brief and clearer understanding.

A better Understanding

A short definition of Magnesium Oil, also known as Magnesium Chloride, is a magnesium rich ionic mineral solution derived from a sea or an ocean.

Many people think that Magnesium Oil is an oil made from magnesium but it is not. Magnesium Oil is more or less a nickname created by the manufactures that first created it because of its viscous “oil like” texture. Magnesium Oil is not only not an oil, but it also consists of more than just magnesium. Although magnesium is the majority of what makes up Magnesium Oil, but there are many other minerals, that the body needs as well, that found in it. (Want to know what minerals are in Magnesoothe, click here.)

The multi-mineral make-up is what helps give Mag Oil its oil texture but also is why it is so incredibly effective on the body. There are more than 300 enzymatic functions in the body that require magnesium and some of those functions are the utilization of certain minerals. (Want to know more about what magnesium is needed for in the body, click here.)

The key to all of these minerals being so easily assimilated is because of their long natural exposure of sunlight that makes them ionic. When a mineral is ionic it can be used by the body right way. If a mineral is not ionic, the body has to process it into a usable form.

What Makes Magnesoothe Different and Better?

Magnesoothe was created out of the idea of helping others. Before we became a manufacture we were a customer first. We used it, and gave it away to friends and family. After seeing all the amazing results it became clear that we could do more and help others if we manufactured it. Needless to say, our background gave us some experience and contacts in the area of manufacturing, so this wasn’t diving into something completely unknown to us. The only thing unknown was where we would get our raw material from and that is where the difference between Magnesoothe and other brands comes into play!

Our Source, the Dead Sea

After a longtime of researching, we found that there is only one place you can get the raw material to make Magnesium Oil, but there are many sources. All raw materials to make Magnesium Oil come from sea water but deciding what sea is key. Seas or Oceans are where the minerals are harvested from but not all of them are safe. There are many pollutants and heavy metals found in the different salt water bodies around the world, so be careful as to where you get your Mag Oil from. Obviously we chose the Dead Sea, but there are a number of reasons as to why. The Dead Sea is very clean, it contains a mineral combination unlike any other body of water, it contains more magnesium than any other body of water on earth, and it has a history of amazing stories of healing behind it. To us it was a no-brainer to use the Dead Sea as our source. (For more information and facts on the Dead Sea please click here.)

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