Why is Magnesium Good For You?
Magnesium Provides Many Benefits for the Human Body
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Magnesium is the Miracle Mineral because it helps Your Horses Health
Why Magnesium?
Among all the minerals that help and heal the human body, Magnesium is probably the most overlooked. Because many are just unaware of the healing power and health benefits of magnesium, people end-up suffering from illnesses and conditions that could have been avoided in the first place. Did you know that magnesium is an incredibly versatile and important nutrient that many doctors, nutritionists, and researchers believe is the single most important nutrient for human health? Magnesium actually provides a wide range of benefits including helping depression, reducing inflammation, growing healthy bones, boosting energy, improving heart health, and much more.
Regular intake of magnesium, in the right amounts, is important in fighting depression. According to research, low magnesium levels affect moods. Therefore, low amounts of this mineral might cause depression. This means that, magnesium lowers the risk of depression. Also, it helps in suppressing symptoms of this brain condition.

Reducing Inflammation
Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties. Taking magnesium foods supplements helps reduce inflammation in people suffering from being over-weight, diabetes, arthritis, and other age-related illnesses.

Healthy Bones
Magnesium is beneficial in the growth of healthy bones. A healthy intake of magnesium is directly related to bone mass and health. What’s more, it helps the body in the regulation of calcium, another vital mineral in the health of bones. For this reason, the mineral helps in the prevention of osteoporosis, a disease of the bones.
Constipation Prevention 
Magnesium is helpful in the treatment of constipation. Intake of this mineral, usually in the form of a laxative, helps in relaxing intestinal muscles. Therefore, it makes it easy for waste to pass through. In addition, magnesium is known to have a high water- retention power. This property enables it to main stool as soft as possible, hence, easing bowel movement.
Healthy Pregnancy
There are a number of reasons why pregnant women are encouraged to take magnesium during their pregnancy term. First, it helps in bone development,  reducing the risk for osteoporosis. Secondly, if you suffer from hypertension, intake of this mineral could help in the prevention of eclamptic seizures associated with this illness. Additionally, the mineral helps in increasing tolerance to pain. This is important in ensuring smooth labor.
Energy Creation
Magnesium helps in the
creation of minerals. It encourages the body to activate enzymes, thus,
producing energy. This helps in boosting performance throughout the day. We constantly hear multiple testimonials of how Magnesium boosts energy throughout the day.
Asthmatic people are encouraged to take magnesium laxatives in order to calm asthmatic attacks. Magnesium is beneficial in relaxing bronchial muscles. This is important in easing breathing, hence, calming the attacks.
Heart Health
Many people ask, why is magnesium good for you? Importantly, it helps in maintaining a healthy heart. This is in addition to preventing heart attacks. Magnesium helps in regulating heart bit and relaxation of heart muscles, some of the main causes of heart attacks.
The Bottom Line
People need to be sensitized about the benefits of magnesium. This will help save money and the number of people in health facilities, who are there for illnesses they could simply avoid by taking diets containing magnesium. However, it should be noted that even as people embrace this mineral, too much of it could cause diarrhea.
I am Physical Therapy Assistant in a busy outpatient clinic and have seen WHOA style results from applying Mg12 magnesum oil to there chronic hips, knees, shoulders, etc.... I wish I knew of Mg12 years ago not only for my patients but for myself also. I am multisport athlete who firsthand has felt the relief of transdermal-magnesium oil therapy an will not exercise without first applying Mg12!!!
- Dan Johnson PTA IHC TMR Cert, O'Halloran Rehabilitation, Greensboro NC

I love Mg12!!! The shampoo has really made a difference. My hair looks less frizzy and it's finally manageable to work with. I have a dry scalp and Mg12 shampoo has zapped it away. Freedom at last!!! I would recommend this to ANYONE. Thank you Mg12!! You are a life saver and my hair loves you!
- Jessica Dorais
I love MG 12 I have used it on a gnome foot from surgery on then IT band on my knee which I could not get better after PT , chiropractic massage and two Cortizone shots. two weeks with AMG sports and cream and it was fine
- Lyssa Cross

I am a believer! Tom and John thank you for making me a magnesium convert! Enjoyed meeting you at the Tryon 13.1 today! I tried this rub and roll on before the race and had no cramping! I have struggled with calf and feet cramping for a long time and today I had no issues!! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to relief from leg cramping!
- Janice Leech Garrett


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