Our Story
About Us, Our Products, & Our Mission
An Introduction from Tom Strader
Two and a half years ago, Magnesoothe completely transformed my life, so I bought the company and am spreading the word about these amazing Dead Sea mineral products. Watch my testimony here and visit our YouTube channel to see how we have helped others.

Our mission at Mg¹² is to bring the all-natural magnesium-rich topical supplements into the homes of all that are deficient — AND 80% OF US ARE DEFICIENT IN MAGNESIUM — so we developed a more uniformed brand and user-friendly packaging.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new one, please let us know what you think about our new brand.

Tom Strader
About Us
Mg¹² is located in Tryon, North Carolina, and brings you all-natural mineral supplements from the Dead Sea. Rich in magnesium, our products will balance your calcium, relieve muscle aches and pain, reduce swelling and bruising and replenish your skin at the cellular level.
Our Mission
Since 2006, our company, and all the hard working people involved, have been committed to enhancing the lives of others in need. We do this by making products that can safely improve conditions necessary for better health. With our MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil™ based products, we hope to do this in a kind and charitable manner. The magnesium oil products we have assembled are powerful weapons in the war for good heath and our hope is that it will help you, as they have helped others, to achieve your own personal optimum level of health, naturally.
Our Core Values
TO HONOR GOD IN ALL THAT WE DO by treating everyone as we would like to be treated -putting the Golden Rule as our top priority.
Our Brand Promise
The Mg¹² logo is a symbol for the finest quality of all-natural, organic minerals & ingredients, affordable & competitive pricing, a company that will always improve its products.
How MG12 is Healing People & Boosting Performance
"I am a believer! Tom and John thank you for making me a magnesium convert! Enjoyed meeting you at the Tryon 13.1 today! I tried this rub and roll on before the race and had no cramping! I have struggled with calf and feet cramping for a long time and today I had no issues!! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to relief from leg cramping!"
-Janice Leech Garrett

"I am Physical Therapy Assistant in a busy outpatient clinic and have seen results from applying Mg12 magnesum oil to there chronic hips, knees, shoulders, etc.... I wish I knew of Mg12 years ago not only for my patients but for myself also. I am multisport athlete who firsthand has felt the relief of transdermal-magnesium oil therapy an will not exercise without first applying Mg12!!!"
- Dan Johnson PTA IHC TMR Cert, O'Halloran Rehabilitation

"Shoutout to a great product I recommend, Mg12 Magne Sport Oil. I met the nice owner Tom Strader at the NC Apple Festival and got to tell him personally how great it works for me. Chiropractor recommends it for my neck and shoulder issues and I use it on muscles after a workout."
- Pamela Henrioud Deck

"As a triathlete and coach, training for the 70.3 World Championship and the Ironman World Championship, I need to the give my body the best in performance and recovery. Mg12 does that for me. Very few supplement products out there today truly work, but these work!"
- Brian Lowman
"My friend Meredith Mihalic introduced me to your products by giving out samples at our gym. She was very informative and knowledgeable of your line of products and I immediately fell in love with your soap! Thank you Meredith for introducing my family to this hidden gem:))"
- Tara Rocco

"I first learned about Mg12 from Challey Strader. I've worked as a strength and conditioning coach for over 15 years and I'm always on the lookout for new products to aid in training and recovery. The day I received my Mg12, I immediately began using the Healing Body Balm and MagnaSport. I injured one of my biceps tendons earlier that day and was anxious to test these products. Within 2 days of regular use of the MagnaSport, I regained full function of my injured arm. Additionally, i noticed significant improvements in my post workout recovery through limited soreness.The Healing Body Balm has made remarkable improvements with my Psoriasis as well. Using the balm at night before bed has really improved my skin conditioning. I'm a big fan and very thankful that I have these products!"
- Bert Wray

"My dad gave me a bottle of the Mg12 MagneSoothe Magnesium Oil a couple months ago. After experiencing a severe lower calf muscle strain from long distance running I began rubbing my leg with the oil in the mornings and evenings. In a matter of less than two weeks I went from hobbling around in constant pain to running again pain free. Mg12 is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to reduce muscle fatigue, eliminate muscle cramping and alleviate muscle pain. I now use the MagneSport regularly pre and post workouts. I can feel the difference in my muscle endurance and energy levels."
- Challey Strader